Employee Engagement

Published 15.07.2022
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The Employee Engagement solution is designed to monitor employee engagement, evaluate and increase loyalty, and improve the company culture.

This solution is used for two purposes:

Conducting surveys within the company. You can carry out three kinds of surveys (pulse surveys, eNPS surveys, and 360-degree feedback surveys). Analyze the results and use them to improve employee engagement.

Expressing appreciation to employees. You can publicly recognize employees for their achievements or contributions and let them choose rewards for continuous good performance, improving their motivation.


Reward Store Warehouse

The Reward Store Warehouse app is designed for the HR department to manage and keep records on gifts and gift certificates that employees will be able to get for their Employee Score points. The app is associated with the Give out a gift business process.


Feedback Reports

The Feedback Reports app stores all non-anonymous feedback given in 360-Degree Feedback surveys.


Employee Responses

The Employee Responses app stores all employees’ responses to non-anonymous Employee Pulse Surveys and eNPS Surveys carried out in the company.


Employee Score

The Employee Score app stores information about points that employees receive during the Employee recognition process. Employees can use these points in the Reward Store in order to claim gifts for good performance.



The Awards app is designed to manage and store information about awards, prizes, bonuses, or nominations that an employee can receive as a result of the Employee Recognition process. With some awards employees receive Employee Score points that they can spend in the Reward Store.


Employee Recognition

The Employee Recognition app helps to show appreciation to employees by praising them publicly and giving them awards. This app is associated with the Employee Recognition business process


Library of Questions

The Library of Questions stores questions that you can use to make surveys. The app’s page shows a list of questions created in the company and their subjects. You can add questions tailored to your company that will be later used in your surveys.


360-Degree Feedback

The 360-Degree Feedback app allows an employee to request feedback both from their superior and their coworkers. It also helps a manager request feedback about their team member’s performance.


eNPS Survey

The eNPS Survey app is designed to conduct short, usually one-question surveys to evaluate employee satisfaction and loyalty.


Employee Pulse Survey

The Employee Pulse Survey app is used to quickly assess employee engagement using short surveys.