Security Audit

Published 16.03.2022
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The module provides additional security when working in ELMA365. It's intended for logging and analyzing events related to changes in user permissions and data.

The module helps companies conduct internal security audits and comply with requirements for protection against unauthorized access to corporate information.

Attention! The module requires a separate "Audit" service and a separate database to be deployed. You can install this service on the On-premises version by using the instructions in Help Center.

The following events are logged by the module and service:

  • User log-on / log-off.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to enter the user password.
  • User log-off via the Sign Out button.
  • Adding, changing, or deleting user data in apps.
  • File accesses: who accessed, who changed/uploaded the file version.

Please note that the system will not log any sampling events such as printing and displaying reports.

Important. The list of events that are logged may differ from version to version.

A report with the logged security events is displayed by the new Security Audit widget. This widget can be placed on any page. The widget has filters for a faster search by various parameters.

Data on the logged security events is stored in an external database, separate from the information that is processed by the system apps and Store components. They are saved in the JSON format and can be processed by external applications.