Leave Requests

Published 27.04.2024
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The Leave Management solution is designed to automate leave requests and approvals, PTO calculation, and scheduling. Leave requests submitted by employees are automatically routed to the right approvers, saving time and effort. Approved leaves are added to the schedule, helping employees prioritize their tasks accordingly. Employees can easily track how much paid time off they have left right in the app without having to email the HR.


Leave Requests

A page showing the number of used sick days, remaining vacations days, available PTO of the current user. Features a button for launching the Leave Request process.


Company Settings

Settings regarding working days, hours, and PTO.



A database of employees with a leave request approver and PTO specified for each employee.


Public Holidays

A catalog of Public Holidays with non-working days.


Leave Schedule

A calendar app that shows all the scheduled days off of the current user.